The State of the Nation

This is what passes for national news in The Star-Tribune today:

Letter Carrier Attacked by Squirrel



Not that the life of an Oil City, Pennsylvania letter carrier isn't important but, really, national news? You can visit the link and read the harrowing tale of the squirrel running up her pant leg. Fear not! There is no rabid squirrel terrorizing the nation - they shot it with a BB gun so that it could be tested. If Luisa were here and not in Mozambique with the lights flickering on and off, she would tell you all that squirrels are in one of the lowest risk categories for rabies. First the meerkats and now the lowly Pennsylvania squirrel.

Kristin said...
Strib. Schmib. Schtid. Stu-pid.

9:53 AM

sarah g said...
check. will add this to my list of irrational fears. i agree it is an insane national news story, but admittedly, would be one of the first stories i would read. talk about target market. oh well.

10:24 AM

Anonymous said...
Nice new pic! Also I am impressed with your use of the epidemiological knowledge. However, it is possible that the squirrel could be rabid if by chance it was bit by a rabid animal, so maybe it's good that it is being tested!

11:26 AM

Luisa said...
That anonymous comment is mine - somehow it didn't get my name

11:27 AM

Colleen said...
One big difference between zoo animals and a wild squirrel, it doesn't sound like this post lady stuck her hand in a 4 foot high glass cage.

11:40 AM

Vikki said...
Yes, it is true that the "attack" was not the woman's fault. I was just thinking about all these rabies fears. Really, when was the last time a person died of rabies here? Don't answer that Luisa - ha ha.

12:26 PM