Health Assessment

I took the the Health Assessment for my insurance provider (Health Partners) today. Shockingly, the computer program determined that I don't get enough sleep.

Get a good night's sleep - earn 25 more pointsSince you are usually sleeping about six hours a night, you can improve your health and even live longer by adding just one hour of sleep each night. Your body's physical and mental functions get recharged during sleep, improving your concentration, energy level and immune system.

Try these six sleep steps: 1) Stay free from nicotine, alcohol and caffeine, especially later in the day. 2) Be physically active. 3) Keep a regular sleep schedule. 4) Create a "sleep-friendly" bedroom - relaxing, dark and quiet. 5) Take a warm shower or bath before going to sleep. 6) Keep paper and pen near your bed to jot down mental reminders that may be keeping you awake

Where is number 7? I'll give it to you...don't have kids. If you do, wear ear plugs or hire a night nanny. Yeah, I'm not going to earn those 25 bonus points.

Colleen said...
I have just learned to lie to myself and the assessment and say that I get a whopping 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (in my dreams). I always pass with flying colors!

5:41 PM

nina said...
#8. Ambien. I usually drag through life on 6 hours of sleep. Dylan is a basket case unless he gets 8-9, It's a total pain. He want to get a cot for the office so he can nap there.

7:04 PM

Luisa said...
Hi from Mozambique - I'll be taking my health assessment as well probably from here - and I am sure I will also not be getting enough sleep - except for these few days where I am not at home. Hang in there - I'll take over the night duty when I get back.

1:37 AM

Kristin said...
I totally lie on that stupid health assessment. If you don't lie, they will call you and, just like a telemarketer, drive you insane with their maddening rebuttals:Health Partners: Hi Kristin, we noticed on your health assessment that you have Asthma.

Kristin: yes, I have had it since I was 5.

HP: Well, we would like to help you improve your breathing, can we send you some reading material?

Kristin: No.

HP: Well, you know, asthma can have serious health affects and can even affect your day to day activities.


HP: Do you use a home spirometer?

Kristin: Listen, Do you know Rolf Sigford? A Dean at the Medical school and your Asthma and Allergy Chair? He's my doctor.

HP: So you don't need any additional information????

7:55 AM