Christmas Thieves

We are driving home and discussing our plans for Christmas. We are talking about getting a Christmas tree even though we will be travelling to Pittsburgh for Christmas this year. Miguel: What if thieves come in our house while we're gone and take our Christmas tree?

Vikki and Luisa: No one is going to come in our house and take our Christmas tree.

Miguel: Because we have an alarm?

Vikki and Luisa: Well, yes, but also the Christmas tree would only be valuable to us.

Miguel: How do you know? The thieves might want a Christmas tree.

Vikki: Honey, don't worry. The world is basically a safe and good place.

Miguel: Yeah, except for the war and all the killing.

Vikki: Well, yeah, except for that.

sarah g said...
i won't tell him what you threatened to do to the CEP workers today. (oops, i promised not to bring that up again!?)

3:03 PM

Anonymous said...
Threatening the CEP workers? I need more details.

8:15 AM