Back from the Brink

We are safely back in Minneapolis. I thought I would share with you all (meaning the 3 of you who occasionally read this thing) my list of things that happened (or didn't) that surprised me:

  1. While in Kansas, we were neither stoned nor tarred and feathered...things that my mother once told me would happen if we ever moved there. I guess we just weren't there long enough.
  2. Gigantic neon cowboys advertising lakeside casinos that are not, in fact, actually by lakes can blind you while driving at night. (Terrible's Casino)
  3. Our children were fabulous travellers, even the Small One who Shreiks.
  4. During the two 9 hour car rides, we did not yell and did not leave our children at a rest stop and proceed without them.
  5. When restrained, children can be entertained for 30 minutes with their winter hats.
  6. Our 4-year old can not only smell a covertly eaten Jelly Belly from the back seat, he can also identify the flavor by the smell.
  7. The porcupine was on her best behavior. Quills were not evident.
  8. They actually make knit ponchos in 12 month size.
  9. There was no pointing and minimal staring at the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park. Perhaps the noise, Bud Light and poolside packaged nachos were too disorienting.
  10. There are families that actually bring their very own Playstations to hotels with indoor water parks, arcades, board games at the front desk and planned activities for kids. I don't get that at all.
  11. Ice dancing isn't really a sport so much as an opportunity to wear the ugliest outfits imaginable.
  12. You can survive your 4-year old telling your Extremely Religious Brother (a Baptist, no less) that he does not believe in God.
  13. My balloon twisting skills are sorely lacking because I cannot make skeletons.
  14. Our 4-year old is very interested in song lyrics, especially to the song Jolene.
  15. You can listen to Jolene on repeat through half of Iowa and not lose your mind.

We had a good time, seriously...a good time. Who knew?