Keeping It Simple


In order to keep this blogging thing going in November (and maybe longer), I want to keep it simple on Sundays. Sundays are rarely a day of rest around here but I’d like to keep the load as light as possible.

Luisa and I have spent the day prepping and painting our unfinished 100 year old basement. It’s challenging. We have a lot of prepping and painting to go.

So, this Sunday’s offering is a picture of me…Vikki…in a town in Iceland called Vik. Sometimes people call me Vik, which means I insisted Luisa take this picture of me by the sign. These are the kinds of simple things that please me.

If you’re looking for more things to read, I highly recommend my friend Lisa’s blog. On Sundays, she curates some informative and uplifting links. Today, she has some links to help those affected by the California wildfires.

Enjoy the waning hours of your weekend!