A Road Trip and a Story


Disclosure: Amtrak hired me to write for their microsite    

It was 1998 - I was 29 and Luisa was 28 - and we drove out to Portland, Oregon to witness our friends, Kelly and Dolores, exchange vows and commit themselves to one another.

Some of you may know Kelly by her lovely comments on this very blog. Hi Kelly!

That road trip was one of the first that Luisa and I took together and so many of the moments we shared have stayed with me all this time.

I was invited to share my story with Amtrak's Ride with Pride blog and that story went live this evening. Here is an excerpt:

In a world that moves ever faster, it’s a luxury to get lost in your thoughts, to lean against a window and watch evergreens blend and blur as they pass. There is a meditative quality in making your way along narrow paths, taking note of dappled sunlight on rock or smudges of color from wildflowers.

You can learn a lot in these moments — about the world around you, about yourself and about the person with whom you’re traveling.

My partner, Luisa, and I discovered this early in our relationship. We had already been together, in Minneapolis, for four years when we received an invitation to our friends’ commitment ceremony in Portland, Oregon. It was 1998 when such celebrations seemed subversive and marriage equality impossible. We looked at the invitation and Luisa said, “Let’s drive. We’ll take our time.”

The story is called "Take Your Time" and you can read the rest of it on the Ride with Pride site.