Hey Abbott

I haven’t blogged in two weeks which is a very long time in blogger time. All week I’ve been planning to write a lovely post about a recent parenting revelation. It was going to be about Casey Jones and choir and privilege and The Man and love and wasted time and being late for work and exasperation. It was going to be a tale of redemption and it was going to be funny and poignant and at the end you were going to smile and turn your head away from your screen as a single tear rolled down your cheek. Oh, it was going to be something! I can’t write that post though because of The Lice. Remember when we had stealth lice? That was stressful but now we have real, visible lice and it turns out that they are even more maddening than stealth lice. Who knew that was possible? 

So, today calls for funny with a dash of adorable. Miguel can deliver the goods in that area. I quickly threw together the following video and there is an error in the very beginning – when the video starts, it says “The End”. Funny, huh? Ignore it and get to the good part. Miguel’s class did an old time radio show for their class play and Miguel was Costello in an Abbott and Costello skit. This also counts as a Fashion Friday moment because my son looks incredible in his vest, tie and bowler hat. Am I right? Is that just the motherly pride talking? I don't think so.


Have a great weekend and may all the heads in your house remain free of bugs!