Peep Week 2010 - Day 7

A few weeks ago at work, I was talking with my colleagues about  Lady Gaga and peeps when my friend Colleen sang the word "Peeparazzi" and my mind exploded with the possibilities. I am learning to recognize my limitations (Photoshop being one) so I put out a call on Twitter for "interns" to help with a peep project and, much to my surprise, I got two responses. I then tweeted/Facebooked/e-mailed with them about my ideas and they were actually still interested. Crazy. So, this video would not have been possible without the help of Andrea Locke (@andrealocke) and Elizabeth Bradshaw (@elliB). I can't thank them enough. As for the song, I had originally planned to sing it myself but Miguel really really really wanted to sing it. I want to thank him for his passion and hard work. He learned the new lyrics and recorded the song an hour and a half. Last but certainly not least, I have to thank Luisa who cooked dinner, washed all the dishes, bathed the children and put them to bed so that I could finish editing this thing and get it up in time to close out Peep Week. lucky am I? So, without further ado, I present the grand finale of Peep Week 2010: Peeparazzi!

...and thanks to Lady Gaga for the inspiration!