Bear with me

So, it turns out that I'm part bear. Not like a big gay bear or anything. I mean I am kinda hairy in some places and I'm due for a wax in some other places but I'm not that kind of bear. No, I'm clearly part bear bear, like maybe a little black bear but a super nice one. I don't bite and I certainly wouldn't do anything crazy like break into your house so to eat your garbage. Seriously, if I was going to break into your house, I'd go for donuts first or maybe a good six-pack of beer. Anyway, the point of this bear rambling is that I have been fighting the urge to hibernate all week. It has turned cold here and I want to crawl into my bed/cave and stay there for the next eight months. What? Bears don't hibernate that long? Well, I'm the kinda bear that doesn't do things half-assed. I want to sleep until spring which, in Minnesota, means June. As a result of my bear-ness, I have been lazy and I just realized today that I haven't blogged since Monday. Whoops. Just slipped my mind. You deserve more than all that bear business so I am going to share a lovely story about my youngest child. Tonight, I was standing outside in the cold pumping gas while Zeca climbed all over the inside of the car. When I got in, she was sitting between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. I said, "You better buckle up because I am driving out of here right now." She took her time returning to her seat and I said, "I mean it. I'm driving away!" She said in her most confident voice, "Mom. You would never drive off before I was buckled in because then we might have a car wreck and I would get smashed and then I would die and you would feel bad. You probably would feel really sad." She buckled in and I pulled out of the gas station, "Yes, I would feel very sad and I would cry a lot." But she had a solution: "Well, mom, you could buy a statue that looks like me and you could put my polka dot pants on it and my polka dot shirt on it and then you could sit by it all the time and it would look like me. Oh! Then, you could add a voice to it and it would talk!" I looked at her in the rearview mirror and said, "Um...that would be a little weird." She gave me a serious look and said, " You wouldn't miss me then...because you'd have the statue." Yeah, I'd always have the creepy, talking statue.







I think I'd prefer the original...sassy though she may be.