Bags! Bags! Bags!

It's raining bags here in Minneapolis. That's right - not only did my Timbuk2 lesbian-bag-not-a-purse arrive on Tuesday, Luisa bought me the other bag I liked for my birthday. So, I got a second cool bag last night - an embarrassment of riches. I am flying to KC today and will now have to choose between my two very cool bags. It's like choosing between my children - I don't know if I can. Plus, I'm a Libra so, you know, I will likely weigh the options for the next several hours before finally making a choice. Then, I'll spend my entire flight wondering if I made the right choice. Anyway, this is not really a post. I just wanted to post a couple of bag pictures to quell all that Bag Curiosity out there.

Timbuk2 Eula (custom colors: gunmetal gray exterior, crimson interior)









Chrome Vega (olive and red interior and exterior)










I may be old but, damn, I am going to be stylish.