I'm Back

Thank all of you for your kind words in the comments on this little blog and in the e-mails that many of you sent. I was touched. I'm a bit dazed right now and, quite frankly, a bit daunted by writing a post to follow the previous one. There is no graceful way to return to documenting my day to day life. I'm hoping this little post will get us over that awkwardness.

I am sitting at my dining room table, having a beer (Summit India Pale Ale for those who like the details), and procrastinating. I should be ironing. I have to get the ironing done before I leave for Portugal but I've decided that tonight is not the night for ironing. No, tonight is the night for Exes and Ohs.

I will write again soon and maybe, if you are lucky, I'll tell you what kind of wine I drink and what other household tasks I haven't completed. Wild times!