The Votes Are Tallied

The finalists are up for the Lesbian Blog of the Year and I want to thank all of you who went over to support my nomination. It really meant a lot to me. Now, head on over to the site and cast your vote for one of the finalists. If my endorsement means anything, I have already cast my vote for LesbianDad because Polly is a fabulous and thought provoking writer. That said, I am also a big fan of Dorothy Surrenders - because pop culture is one of my guilty pleasures. I have been reading Dorothy for awhile now and I have only once regretted the amount of time I spend there. Let's just say that when a picture of Erin Daniels' naked ass popped up on my computer at work, I learned to read from home on Naked Lady Mondays. I have also tallied the votes on the new eyeglasses. Four readers chose the Eccentric Lesbian Intellectual, Four readers chose the Lesbian Superhero and two readers chose 50's Lesbian Dad. That means that 80% of you were wrong. 

The winner is:

New Glasses

The 50's Lesbian Dad