A Shitty Evening

You know what's fun? Fun is:

  • taking your old cat to the vet and, $400 later, finding out that he may or may not have some type of infection.
  • taking your overly friendly and very active 2 year old to pick up the old cat without a team of professionals at the ready to provide assistance.
  • wrangling the cat carrier into the back seat and a squirming child into her car seat while the bitter wind bites your bare hands and icicles form on your eyelids.
  • pulling out of the parking lot and smelling a terrible smell coming from the back seat, a smell that can only be described as rotten milk and moldy cheetos.
  • listening to your child chant, without stopping, "Juneau is farting".
  • enduring a half hour car ride in which it becomes very clear that the cat is not farting but has most likely had a fecal incident in the cat carrier.
  • carrying a bag of antibiotics, the stinky cat and carrier towards the house and then having your child burst into tears because she wants to be carried into the house too.
  • bathing your elderly cat to rid him of the horrible stench and then having your child scream from another room, "Mama, I had an accident". At least is wasn't a second fecal incident.

Yes, this was a fun evening. The fun will continue, however...we get to give the cat antibiotics twice daily.

 Edited to add the following video, because the darn song has been in my head since I wrote this post last night.

Smelly Cat