Stage Mothers

BLB ReceiptAt the beginning of the summer, Leigh Combs asked Miguel to perform at her show at the Bryant Lake Bowl - Coversations at the Blue Table. She asked him to sing his song, Two Moms, but he was reluctant to commit. Leigh kept asking and Miguel finally agreed when Leigh agreed to buy a bike helmet (he had been worried about her biking without one). Last night was the big night. Miguel came home from day camp yesterday and was so hoarse that he sounded like he had been smoking since birth. Luisa grabbed a few throat lozenges and pushed Miguel towards the car while I wondered aloud about the statistical probability that Miguel would be rendered nearly voiceless on the very day he was scheduled to perform at an event. I wondered this all the way to the BLB while the aroma of wild cherry and menthol drifted around inside the car and Miguel squawked out a constant stream of questions. It wasn't until the sound check that Miguel began to get nervous. He may be six but he knows music and he knew that he wasn't sounding very good. Leigh fixed him up with some hot water with lemon and honey which he thought was fabulous - like hot lemonade. It helped. I drank a big beer. It helped. Luisa drank a big beer. It helped. Then, it was show time. Leigh entered the theater wearing the bike helmet she had promised to buy and told the story of their negotiation. Then, she introduced us and we took the stage. Somehow, he managed to sing the song, a little rougher than usual but right on key. Afterwards, as the crowd applauded, he buried his head in my shoulder and we hugged. He then went to sit with Leigh at the blue table to be interviewed. Leigh asked Miguel questions about camp cheers, song writing and having two moms and, I may be biased, but he was awfully adorable. At the end, Leigh presented him with a BLB t-shirt and he beamed. 

In the car on the way home, he told us that it was a great night because he got a nice t-shirt for free and because Leigh bought a bike helmet. I personally enjoyed the talent discount we received on our tab. This stage mother thing has its perks.

Many thanks to Leigh from a thrilled little boy and his two moms.