So Much Paper

WhenI graduated from college and got my first job, I promised myself that I would spend $25 per week on books. I don't know that I kept the promise but I have always loved bookstores and buying books. This afternoon, I went to a bookstore. By myself. I felt like I was the benificiary of the Make a Wish Foundation. I wandered through the aisles casually. I picked up books and slowly read a few words. It was quiet and I was alone with the possibility in all of the words that surrounded me. There were no children whining for water. There were no children to bribe with goldfish crackers so that I could put a complete thought together. It was just me, all those books and the smell of paper. So, Is it the smell of the paper that always makes me have to, uh you know, go to the bathroom? Maybe my body just knows that it is the only time that I can go alone.

Luisa said...
So how do you explain Target?

6:53 PM