Where Were You on 1/20/17?

Someday in the future, I truly believe we'll look back at today as the beginning of a dark time for our country, as a time when greed ruled without consequence, when human decency seemed to disappear, and the truth fell out of favor.

I've been vocal about my sadness about the outcome of this election and my fear of what comes next but my reaction has never been about my candidate losing an election. It is and has always been about our country losing its way. The weeks since the election have done nothing to convince me that my initial fears were unfounded.

So, here we are. Inauguration Day 2017. If anyone in the future does ask me where I was on this day, I will tell them this:

I hugged my kids harder and held them a little longer than usual. I sat with my cat on my lap and took my time with my morning coffee. I left the house and stepped away from my computer, the television, and social media. I took a walk in the park, drank in the beauty of the sunlight on the trees, and breathed as deeply as I could. I smiled and spoke to my neighbors and the strangers I passed on the street. I made plans with friends so that I'd be surrounded by love and laughter. I had dinner with the woman I love and our children and listened as they talked about their days. I spent the entire day paying attention to the life I've built. 

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich

I don't know what will happen tomorrow but I know this - I will resist. I will speak out. I will take action. But, like today, I will also take refuge in my family and community and find strength in all the good.

Wherever you are today, I hope that you are surrounded by love.