The Good: Vol. 3

I am sliding this volume of good in just under the weekly deadline and I am going to make this quick because the sun is shining and it's 40 degrees and I am going to go outside and enjoy it. Someone wrote to me recently and told me to turn my face to the sun and I'm going to take that advice today (Thank you, Holley-Anne).

1. The court refused to reinstate Trump's travel ban! This was a much needed win and though the fight is far from over, it was a bright spot.

2. This popped up on Facebook this week and is actually from 3 years ago but it made me laugh. Well done, boys.

3. We are lovers of cookie dough over here and by "we" I really mean Zeca and me. She makes this recipe often and whipped up a dough this week. It's safe and delicious. Zeca's favorite part of this video is when Brandi talks about mixing the dough by hand for her "babios" which must mean biceps but made us laugh (repeatedly). So, work those babios and make a treat!

4. I went to Portugal for the first time in 1997 and Luisa and I went back roughly every other year after that to visit her family, even after we had kids. We haven't been able to go back since I quit my job in 2012 because, financially, it just wasn't feasible. But, we are going back this summer and we're all excited. Our itinerary isn't set yet but we know we'll be spending the last few days of our trip in Melides which is our happy place. One of my favorite pictures of the kids was taken on our last trip there. As we remain stuck in winter, the trip and thoughts of Melides are keeping me warm. 

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich

5. Zeca spends a lot of time composing in Garageband and on her guitar and recently shared some things she's been working on. She gave me permission to share the following snippet. What makes it special is the underlying beat - she recorded herself doing the Rubik's cube to use in some of her compositions. She has incorporated it into longer pieces but this is just the basic beat. I love the creativity and the sound.

Have a great weekend and may we all march to the beat of our own Rubik's cube.