Things that help me cope

It's been a week - am I over the election? No, I am not. So, how am I getting by? A lot of coffee, a few treats and all that follows. 

1. I am reading the news but in limited doses. It's important to read the news so that we can keep up with the transition of power and to see the people who will be in power under Trump. If we don't read, we will miss things like Trump appointing a white nationalist as his top advisor. We all need to step away to breathe deeply but we can't stop paying attention completely. We can't be this guy:


2. I am limiting my time on Facebook. Facebook is not a good place for many right now. I pop on, scroll and leave. None of the world's problems have ever been solved on Facebook so I'm not too worried that I'm missing out on much. Plus, if someone schedules the revolution as a Facebook event, I'll get a notification.

3. I am reading things that help me understand the state of affairs on different levels. Today, it was all about personal narratives. These two stand out for different reasons:

Dear Trump supporter who says they love me

What to Do About Trump? The Same Thing My Grandfather Did in 1930s Vienna.

4. I'm cuddling the kids and watching Netflix (Friday Night Lights with Miguel and Once Upon A Time with Zeca). Luisa and I are putting the house back in order and even managed to rake all our leaves (21 bags - no easy task). We're hanging out with friends and neighbors and having emotional conversations with the people in our lives. 

5. Everyone has seen this clip of Kate McKinnon singing Hallelujah but I've watched it several times and take comfort in it. A cold and broken hallelujah.