A Little Good


Zeca started a new school this year, making the transition from the private school where she'd been since she was 2 1/2 to a public middle school. She wanted this change and told us she was ready but I worried. Would she get lost in a bigger school? Would she make friends? How would she handle the structure of a more traditional school? 

The transition went smoothly. She liked the school and size and the people. She made friends quickly and has done well academically. When we went to conferences, the teachers told us that she was smart and actively participated and was also helpful to other students in the classroom. It became clear to me that I did not need to worry anymore.

After conferences, I mentioned how well the transition went and she said, "From the moment I walked into the building, I felt at home. No one ever makes me feel 'less than' there." I'm grateful that she has found her place.

Today, she told me that one of the student groups covered everyone's lockers in signs to celebrate and support minority students. There were signs that said "Hijab or hoodie - we love you!" and "We stand with the LGBTQ community" and "Blacks and whites deserve the same rights." There were others but she couldn't remember them. I asked her what she thought of it and she smiled and said, "It made me feel good. So many kids are scared of what might happen to their families."

Every day there is something new to worry about as the country transitions to new leadership. There are reasons to worry. But there are also glimmers of hope. Find them where you can and share them with the people around you - not so that we ignore the frightening things happening in the world but so we can bear them. 

Photo Credit: Mayur Gala