A Single Word

Photo Credit: Luisa Brandão

Photo Credit: Luisa Brandão

I've never been one to pick a word to guide me in a new year but I'm always intrigued by the words others choose and what those words say about them and/or the way they see the world. With that in mind this past weekend, I asked my friends and family what words they would choose. They asked me in return but I had no answer. Maybe it is the Libra in me that hates to commit to a single word.

As New Year's Day drew to a close, Miguel asked us to go outside with him to look at the stars. It was warm and cozy in the cabin and I didn't really want to leave but he was so earnest that I finally agreed. We sat on a bench and looked up, hoping for a beautiful night sky but it was cloudy and there wasn't a single star visible. So, instead, we stared at the frozen lake that was only faintly illuminated by the lights of the cabin. Zeca was nestled into my side and words came up again and this time Miguel gave his while Zeca repeated hers and as my eyes drifted from their darkened profiles to the icy lake, a word popped into my head: focus. 

I started 2016 with the best of intentions but lost my way. I blamed a lot of it on the election but I've had time to reflect and it began months before that. As projects ended and some social connections changed, I floundered and began to feel unmoored. I was like a tiny boat without a sail and after the election, the boat began to take on water. 

But I can see that now and that is why the word focus fits.

I need to focus on my writing and goals. I need to focus on life offline. I need to focus on doing my part to resist what is to come with this new administration.

So, it's time to raise the sail, set my sights on the horizon and move forward, while keeping my focus on what's most important. With this in mind, I'm ready for 2017.