One of those days

It me.

It me.

We’ve all had those days, right? The days when nothing goes as expected? Today was one of those days for me.

Someone hacked our iTunes account and has been buying $15 cards (Yes, we changed our password and contacted our credit card company but it’s annoying).

A house project that started in September is still not finished because of unforeseen problems. Expensive problems, at that. It’s almost done but not quite.

One of my kids had an issue at school today that will require a series of email/calls/meetings (Our kid is fine, so, don’t worry).

I wasn’t able to get to anything that I planned to do today.


There were bright spots too.

  1. I met someone for coffee that I had only known online and we had a great conversation and lots of laughs.

  2. I treated myself to a delicious latte and a scone. Money well spent.

  3. I cuddled up with my daughter for an episode of our favorite show - Atypical. Atypical is an original show on Netflix about a teenager with autism, his family, and their daily struggles and triumphs. The acting and writing is incredible. Today, we watched the finale of season 2 and I cried but it was the good kind of crying.

So, if you are having a bad day, I highly recommend you give any of the above a try. They are all good for the soul.