What's Next

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich

Photo Credit: Vikki Reich

I've been here and gone and back again. The past six weeks feel more like months when I think that I went to the Erma Bombeck's Writers Workshop, to Mom2.0 and then came back for the fourth Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities show. Only six weeks. Crazy. 

Today is the first time I've had to reflect on it all and I think I can finally articulate what I've learned or remembered from this stretch of time. At least some of it..

I learned that I talk myself out of writing almost every day and that I need to sit my ass down and put words on the page. I know how to write - I need to do it. 

I remembered what it's like to read a story to a roomful of people, to hear them laugh and then cry. It's a reminder of the power of words.

I remembered that you can't actually die from shyness and that there are amazing people in the world to spend time with and they can give you experiences you didn't even realize you needed. 

I remembered that sometimes when you don't meet a goal, it's because you found something better.

I remembered how wonderful it feels to be at peace with yourself. In that peace, it's much easier to figure out who you want in your life and what you want from it. 

I learned the importance of taking credit for what you do. Accept compliments without feeling the need to explain them away. Stop attributing recognition and success to luck. 

I remembered what a beautiful view can do for the soul.

And I learned to be careful when putting dishes in the hall outside your hotel room because hotel doors slam shut quickly. Some lessons we have to learn twice. 

I've come a long way, baby. I can't wait to see what's next.