The Trouble with Kittens

Kittens are the best.

They are adorable.


They help you with your homework.

Girl with kitten

They love to cuddle.

woman with kitten

And by doing all of these cute things, they lull you into thinking that they are furry little angels. They are not. Kittens are the worst.

They pop out of unexpected places.

kitten in a box

They try to climb the curtains.

shadow kitten

You convince yourself you can handle these quirks but they up the game and then one day you walk into the kitchen to find them sitting on your stove watching your meatballs cook. 

Clearly, that is unacceptable (and dangerous). 

This is what it has come to with Ollie the Kitten. So yesterday, per the vet's advice, I covered the counter and the trashcan (which is the gateway to the stove) with packing tape because cats supposedly hate having things stick to their paws.

I put all the tape out and then dashed out to run an errand and came home to find Ollie covered in packing tape. I laughed and gently removed the tape before putting more tape on all the surfaces. 

Will she learn? I have no idea. But she sure is cute.

Ollie thinking about her life choices or meatballs

Ollie thinking about her life choices or meatballs