Giving People Hope

Inevitably during elections, I think back to Harvey Milk and the speech he gave about his own election in which he concludes with the line, "You have to give people hope." 

A year ago, many of us lost hope and few things since have restored it but yesterday's election was a small spark. Voter turnout was at an all time high for a local election here in the Twin Cities and nationwide people turned out to vote, electing more women (including two transgender officials), more people of color, more activists, people with gun control platforms, and more Democrats.

It's small in the big scheme of things but it is something and we have to find hope wherever we can.

I find it when diverse voices join together in protest. I find it when I see people working inside and outside the system to create change. And I find it when I look a our kids - yours and mine. 

Onward - may better days lie ahead.

children at protest