5 Things You Have To Check Out

We’re halfway through daily posts in November and look at me getting bossy with the title of this post! But really, I’m sharing five things that I think you might like. You should check them out. Or don’t. See - I’m losing steam on my bossiness.

  1. If you’re on Twitter, follow hourlyfox. The account is true to its name and posts a striking picture of a fox every hour. Each time one of these foxes pops up in my timeline it reminds me of the beauty in the world and I breathe a little easier.

  2. I keep going back to this essay, Why Writing Matters In The Age Of Despair by Lyz Lenz. If you love storytelling or writing, it’s a must read. Even if you just want to feel inspired to do something, you should take a few minutes and read it. Time well spent, I promise.

  3. I want to share this quote from The Wrong Way to Save Your Life by Megan Stielstra with you: “We walk through the world at its leisure. We’re here at its mercy and with its blessing. At some point, we have to ask ourselves how we want to live.”

  4. You have to look at these dogs catching treats! Yes - I got bossy again but you really have to see their faces. You cannot look through the photos without smiling.

  5. I’m sure everyone has seen A Star Is Born and is over it but I can’t get this song from the soundtrack out of my head. I absolutely love it.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow but probably won’t be as bossy.