My Exceptional Cat

I see it on Facebook - the genius kids and their perfect test scores. I see the young philanthropists raising money for charity. I see the clever children who say the darnedest things. I know all of your children are brilliant but let me tell you about my cat. That’s right - my cat

I know what you’re thinking...”But she has two kids! Shouldn’t she tell us about their genius/generosity/cleverness?” My kids are pretty great but their stories aren’t always mine to tell. But you know who doesn’t care what I say and to whom I say it?

Genius at rest

Genius at rest

Ollie the Cat.

Ollie has the best dexterity of any cat I’ve ever had. Does she have opposable thumbs? No. A finely developed pincer grasp? Nope. That’s why it’s amazing that she can pick up cat food in her paw and carry it all over the house. ALL OVER THE HOUSE. Like you never know where you might step on a piece. She creates a cat food minefield!

This is what she does. She takes a piece of food from her bowl with her mouth or by scooping one out with her paw. Then, she presses it in between the pads of her paw, walks to an open space where she can play, and then stretches her paw and it falls out. Then she bats it around like a hockey player. When it flies into a tight place where she can’t practice her slapshot, she picks it up as described above and moves to a different area. My cat is a messy genius! 

So your kids are great and everything but I’m pretty sure they have opppsable thumbs so...

Now, if she’d only learn to clean up after herself. Of course, my kids don’t do that either so Ollie fits right in.