Election Eve

While having my morning coffee, I decided to check Facebook and if there is one thing for certain about Facebook, it's that you can always find something disheartening there these days. So, I clicked away and decided to throw myself into something else.

I printed out a copy of Hillary's logo and decided to make a cake for election night. I spent the morning cutting out a template that we can use to assemble it. I went to the store and got everything we'll need for that red, white and blue frosting. I have no idea how it will turn out (or if it will turn out) but I'll keep you posted.

After lunch, I headed over to the Hillary for Minnesota office to volunteer. People were waiting in line to go doorknocking. Many voices overlapped as people made calls to get out the vote. And I sat in a small room with a group of women, entering data into the database and chatting about our election day plans. It was a thoroughly pleasant way to spend an afternoon and I couldn't help but feel hopeful after seeing so many people joined in common purpose.

Tonight, after dinner, I'll settle into the kitchen with my daughter and we'll see if we can make our H cake. I vowed to let the light in and to find the joy. I worked on it hard today and I'll do it again tomorrow.