I can’t get up

I was supposed to blog after dinner. I planned to sit in the living room for a few minutes, catch up on Words with Friends, and then sit at my desk and write.  

The sitting down for a few minutes part went really well. I can sit with the best of them. I would pit my sitting abilities against anyone in the land. Only people, though. I’m sure there are animals that could sit much better than me.

Which actually brings me to the part of my story where my plan fell apart.  

Sitting - check!  Words with Friends - check! Sit at my desk and write - nope. I can’t get up because Ollie the Cat sat on my lap and is curled up into the cutest little ball and I want to enjoy this moment. It’s cold outside but I’ve got my cozy socks on, my comfy sweat pants and a hoodie on, and I have an adorable little cat on my lap.

So, I’m typing this on my phone and it’s all I’m going to manage. 

Tonight, wherever you are, I hope you say yes to a little comfort. I did.