5 Tips for Blogging

On this, the 5th day of November, Zeca has graciously agreed to help me with my blogging. In doing so, we hope to help you too.

So, here are Zeca's 5 tips for blogging:

1. Stay with the trends. For example, YouTubers do Vlogmas which means they vlog every day in December until Christmas. So, you can do Blogmas and blog every day in December until Christmas and you'll get a lot of attention.

2. Show that you have friends. You don't want everyone to think that you sit alone in your room all day blogging and making videos. Make videos with your friends and blog about your friends (good things or funny things). You don't want people to think you're a loner.

3. Variety in content is important. This way you'll attract many types of people. 

4. Be real. Be yourself. Make sure people know who you are. Talk with them about struggles you've had because it makes you seem more real. People don't like a fake person who pretends to be something they're not. 

5. For video content, look your best. Have style but don't be over the top. For example, if you are wearing ripped up baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt without a bra*, people are going to think you have no boundaries. 


Zeca plays guitar and baritone horn. She also enjoys sports, such as soccer and rock climbing. She has no blog or YouTube channel and no social media but could get some. She would like you to leave a comment as to whether her parents should allow her to have a YouTube channel, Instagram or Snapchat.**


*As I type this, I am wearing the exact outfit described. 

**The parents reserve the right to reject results of this poll.

Feature Photo Credit: seth schwiet