5 Songs to Help You Parent


As a parent, it gets old teaching your kids the same lessons over and over again. Eventually, they tune you out anyway. That’s why I believe in using a carefully chosen song here and there to really drive a point home. The following five songs are like a musical parenting starter kit!

1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)

This is the perfect song to play when you’re out and about and your kid insists that you take him to Chipotle AGAIN. As you drive to the restaurant of your choice, you say “Hey Siri...” and have her cue this one up.

2. Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

Natural consequences for poor choices and behavior are never fun but music can help! And when you’re done explaining “what goes around comes around,” you can let Boy George take over.

3. 9 to 5 (Dolly Parton)

When kids are old enough to get jobs, they often complain about taxes and boredom and annoying bosses. When you’re tired of talking about the “real world,” you hit play and let Dolly and her fingernails explain the complexities of the workplace.

4. Stronger  (Kelly Clarkson or Kanye West)

Parenting involves so many more pep talks than I ever imagined. Sometimes, it can be exhausting. That’s where “Stronger” comes in - either of these version works, though Kanye’s version teaches some additional lessons and could do double duty as a sex ed talk (at least in terms of role playing). Whichever you choose, you’ll remind your kid that what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. 

5. Respect  (Aretha Franklin)

This one needs no further explanation. 

Use each of these often. Your kids will love it!