Goodbye Summer Vacation

I didn't expect to take the summer off from writing but I did. Early on, I realized that I wasn't writing and noticed that, for whatever reason, I just didn't have the mental space for it and then I just let go. I can't claim there was a reason or even a purpose to my sabbatical and it definitely impacted how I felt about myself but I decided to be kind to myself and promised to return to it when the kids returned to school and left it at that.

The kids went back to school today, so, here I am, fulfilling my promise to myself. 

So, what did I do on my summer sabbatical? Not much. 

We watched a lot of soccer - our kids' games and Minnesota United games.


We spent time with friends.


We went for many walks.


We spent a long weekend in DC with family.

Not Pictured: Luisa who graciously snapped this picture

Not Pictured: Luisa who graciously snapped this picture


That's what I did on my summer vacation. 

Now, it's time to get back to it. All my stories are not going to write themselves and I hear the clock ticking - I turn 50 next month!