To Those Who Told Me Nothing Would Change


To those who told me there was no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I point you to the fact that the United States is now at odds with its European allies and Canada, while Trump wishes US citizens respected him the way the people of North Korea respect Kim Jong-un, a dictator.

To those who told me that Donald Trump would be good for business owners, I point you to the news that Harley Davidson will be moving it's production overseas due to retaliatory tariffs imposed by the EU because of Trump's trade policies and to the numerous instances in which he has attacked businesses on Twitter when they don't behave as he wants them to or disagrees with him in any way.

To those who told me "Nothing will really change!" and "It won't be that bad!" I would like to direct your attention to the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States, which now has a conservative majority thanks to Trump's appointee, has ruled in favor of restricting voting rights, a baker who discriminated against same sex couple for religious reasons, a travel ban that unfairly targets Muslims, and faith based pregnancy centers so that they are not required to disclose their license statue of affiliation and against labor unions...

To those of you who went on and on about "checks and balances," see the court cases above and note that, today, Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court which means Trump will get to appoint another justice, strengthening the conservative bent of the court. Roe v. Wade will soon be gone as will Obergefell v. Hodges, the case that gave federal legal recognition to my marriage to Luisa. 

And to those of you who told me "I can't vote for Hillary Clinton because I need to be able to sleep at night," I hope the images of children and families in cages at our borders haunt you every single night.

So, to all of you who said these things and more to justify your vote: you were wrong and blinded by your own privilege. 

Welcome to your United States - home of the free if you are white, Christian, male, cis, straight, and wealthy!