5 Things I Thought I Saw (and What They Really Were)

Photo Credit:  Rich Anderson

Photo Credit: Rich Anderson

While Bruce Willis saw dead people in Sixth Sense, I tend to mistake everyday things for something extraordinary. I see something, make a snap decision as to what it is, get incredibly excited, and then realize that I'm wrong.

The following is a sampling of my greatest hits (actually, misses):

1. Armadillo in the street in Minneapolis (faded black trash bag)

I was driving past my son's school and saw what I thought was an armadillo crossing the street right here in Minneapolis! I was so excited that I pulled over, grabbed my phone, and just as I was about to take a picture, the armadillo blew away. Armadillos don't blow away, do they? 

2. Horse in a field (giant spool of cable)

We were driving back from a soccer tournament in Chicago and Zeca and a teammate were quiet in the back seat and I assumed they were bored and that I should point out notable sights as we passed them. "Look girls! A horse!" I yelled. It was not a horse. 

3. Baby llamas (goats)

I was one of the chaperones for Zeca's class trip to the Lake Country Land School and as soon as we arrived, we went to the barn. I excitedly pointed to the baby llamas and said, "Those baby llamas are soooo cute!" I said this loudly so that all the children could hear. Zeca said, "Mom! Those aren't baby llamas!" I said, "Oh! Sorry I meant lambs!" Zeca rolled her eyes and said, "Goats, mom. They're goats."

4. Bat in my sister's kitchen (june bug)

I was staying with my sister for a few days and one night, she went out onto the deck to water her plants and when she came back in something huge flew in the door. "Oh my god! A bat got in!" We both panicked and then couldn't find it. Later, I walked into the kitchen and something swooped down on me and I started screaming. She ran into the kitchen to scream with me in solidarity. It was a june bug.

5. Nancy Reagan walking a puggle a block from my house (an elderly woman walking a puggle a block from my house).

I was driving home when I spotted Nancy Reagan in a bright red raincoat walking a puggle! Obviously, this was very exciting. I was at a stop sign so I got to watch her and her puggle cross the street and only after several seconds did I start to question what I was seeing. I'd like to say that the fact that she is dead was my first clue but no. I squinted and thought, "Her hair doesn't look right." Then, I thought about how unlikely it was that she would be walking a dog in Minneapolis and THEN I thought, "Oh my god. Nancy Reagan is dead." 

If these five things don't prove that I am exciting company, then I don't know what would!