IMG_4704The weekend was a whirlwind but we are all back home safely. I was the last to leave Minneapolis and the first to get back. Luisa arrived a few hours after me and we just picked the kids up from the airport about an hour ago.

The kids had a great time with their grandparents and it sounds like they behaved themselves. Miguel reported he and Zeca only fought "a few times." Zeca told a story of Miguel accidentally elbowing a flight attendant in the head and he quickly defended himself, "I immediately told her that I was so very sorry and she said she was fine." Shout out to the kind but mildly concussed flight attendant.

Luisa and I hadn't been somewhere for a weekend without the kids in a very long time. It was strange to have the freedom to do whatever we wanted and the quiet to talk and finish our thoughts. When we got to the airport to pick them up, one of the TSA staff asked us about our gate passes and who we were picking up. We told her we were picking up our kids and she said, "Is that a happy thing or..." We laughed and said, "Yes. We will be happy to see them again." She laughed and said, "You never know. Sometimes you just don't want the vacation to end." I would gladly have had a few more days alone with Luisa but as I stood waiting for them to emerge from the jetway, I couldn't wait to see them and hug them.

As always, it's nice to go away but it's also good to come home.