It's snowing, sticking to the branches of the trees and dusting the ground. This kids are asleep so it is quiet and still here. The house smells like the fresh herbs and shallots that Luisa used to season the turkey this morning but doesn't smell like roasted turkey because she took it to our friends' house to cook over there because we aren't hosting this year. This year feels different--inside our home but outside in the world as well. There is so much pain and suffering, so much anger and outrage, so much fighting on large and small scales and I am overwhelmed. I think we all are. Yet, I have so much for which I am grateful so today, I want to focus on that more than ever.

I am grateful...

...that we have shelter and food. That we have more than enough.

,,,that we are healthy.

...that I have the luxury of spending my days writing.

...for my family and friends and their love.

...for laughter.

From my desk, I can see one of my little neighbors--just five years old--standing in his backyard, hands held out to catch snowflakes and Zeca just woke up and looked outside and excitedly shouted, "It snowed! It snowed!" Sometimes, it's these small moments of wonder that give me hope.

Happy Thanksgiving and may the day be filled with peace.