Flow Like a Harpoon

IMG_4561Writing every day is a challenge because it requires a great deal of discipline and that is not always my strong suit. My mind wanders and I follow it down some very unproductive paths sometimes. This week, I found myself recording a dubsmash of Ice Ice Baby when I should have been writing my post for the Star Tribune. Typical. I also chose to step away from my desk at various times this week to spend time in the world with real people. I had lunch with a good friend on Wednesday, sharing good food and doing a little check up and maintenance on our relationship. Last night, I was exhausted and still needed to pull 1600 words out of my head for NaNoWriMo but chose to watch music videos with Zeca and then watch her imitate the dancing with some exaggerated and hilarious moves. Today, I had lunch with one of my best friends and a friend of ours we met on Twitter a long time ago but had never met in person. She brought along a friend too and, before we knew it, over two hours had passed in the blink of an eye. I then picked Zeca up from school and we went to Target to pick up something and decided to get a cup of coffee and look at all the Christmas decorations.

Real life takes time.

So, I find myself sitting at my computer on a Friday night with a cup of tea and many, many words still to write. I'm tired but I know I'll get words on the page because, somehow, I always do, despite the gerbil brain and the time with friends and family. In the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, I "flow like a harpoon daily and nightly."


I did finish my post for the Star Tribune. This week, I'm talking about the importance of putting time into your relationship/marriage. You can read that post here. Next week will be my last post for the Star Tribune as my time there has come to an end. So, catch me there while you can!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed