Coffee: A Love Affair

Today, I give you some little known facts about me:

  1. I didn't drink coffee until after Miguel was born. I'd had coffee but I just didn't get the appeal. Then, a few months into the parenting gig, I thought to myself, "I wonder if coffee would help with this soul-crushing fatigue that has taken over my life and impaired my judgement."
  2. When Luisa and I first started dating, we would occasionally meet for coffee but I didn't really know anything about coffee so my go to drink was Vietnamese coffee. Put simply, that's strong coffee cut with sweetened condensed milk.
  3. I can be indecisive but, once I like something, I go ALL IN. Within weeks of deciding to drink coffee, I was researching the way to make a perfect cup of coffee and spending time at local roasters.
  4. I traveled the distance between Coffee Noob and Coffee Snob in approximately 26 hours tops. I try very hard to control my snobbery in the presence of others but I cannot remain silent in the face of Folgers.
  5. I first learned to love espresso in Portugal and I have specific memories attached to espresso and coffee I've had there, which is also true for most places I've traveled.

I thought about this long love affair when I was looking through my photostream and noticed just how many pictures of coffee I take. How many you ask? So many. These were taken just in the last six months and only the ones I thought were worthy of keeping. There were many more I deleted. I must confess that one of the pictures was taken by Luisa when she was in Costa Rica but I love it and she shared my love of good coffee so I've included it.

Like it says on that bag of dark roast pictured, life is too short to drink cheap coffee.