The Best of Peep Week: The Best Taste Test

bestofThe annual tasting of all new peep products has become a hallmark of Peep Week and ushers in Spring in our household. My kids have been fearless in their taste-testing and have never been short on opinions. When I looked at all the videos from all the taste tests, this one was my favorite for many reasons. 1. We did this in the car on the way back from Kansas City, showing true dedication to Peep Week.

2. Miguel had shaved his head and been bitten in the face by a dog while in Kansas City and he looks completely wrecked. I can laugh at it now because we survived it.

3. Zeca is so adorable that I want to travel back in time and pinch her little cheeks.

2012 was the first year of Rainbow Peep Pops and the kids had a lot to say about them.