The Best of Peep Week: Flaming Peep Cocktails

bestofIt's Friday and I am assuming it's been a long week for you. I can't be sure because I've been hanging out in New Orleans for the past several days. I'll probably be having a celebratory cocktail today so you should probably have one too. Every year, I have featured a peep inspired cocktail and there have been a lot of good ones over the years. The Peeptinis from 2010 and the Peep Vodka & S'mores martinis in 2013 were the best in terms of peepiness and flavor but my favorite drink video of all time has little to do with flavor, though the shots were delicious.

In 2012, I had friends over to make Peepy B52's, a flaming shot designed to leave a lingering peep-like flavor on the tongue. You can find the recipe on the original post but I'm including the video below. Pay close attention to the flame starting at 2:21 and remember that I never noticed until I was editing the video days later.