The Best of Peep Week: The Peep Centerpiece

bestofBefore there were movies, there were centerpieces. When the kids were very young, we had Easter egg hunts and I would create a peep centerpiece each year to liven up the party. I made the first peep centerpiece in 2003, three years before I started blogging. Each centerpiece was primarily made of peeps but often involved other candy too. And tears. I think I cried almost every time I made one because peeps are sticky and difficult to work with and because they refused to defy the laws of physics as they did in my mind when I created my grand plans. The worst was in 2005 - we had a new baby and wire hangers and a peep rainbow to make. I cried until Luisa finally took over and finished the centerpiece without me. Behind every great woman is another woman who is willing to step in and say, "Give me that hanger and olive oil!"

My favorite centerpiece was made in 2004 and was featured on the blog during the first Peep Week in 2006:

The 2004 Peep Centerpiece








And what kind of parenting blogger would I be if I didn't include Baby's First Centerpiece? In 2007, Miguel insisted on creating his own centerpiece and designed the following:







Such humble beginnings!