Peep Week 2015


Peep Week began in April of 2006 with a picture from my first peep movie, JAWS, and a fact pulled from the Just Born website. The still from the movie showed peeps playing volleyball and though all the footage had been shot (in 1998 on a Hi8 camera), I did not finish editing the movie until 2009. Because it took so long to make, I had no intention of ever making another one. But I did make another one...and a few after that.

Peep Week has evolved over the years and I love what it has become but I have to be honest--it takes a lot of time and energy to put it together. This year, my family and I will be in New Orleans during Peep Week and I don't have time to prepare all the posts in advance.

But the thought of having no Peep Week at all is hard to fathom. Not only has it been part of this blog since the beginning, it has been part of my kids' lives for as long as they can remember. When she was in kindergarten, Zeca asked one of her classmates how she planned to celebrate Peep Week. The girl had no idea what Peep Week was and Zeca came home, told us the story and said, "Can you believe it? Her family doesn't celebrate Peep Week!"

When I mentioned on Facebook that there would be no Peep Week, my friends suggested that I run a Best of Peep Week series in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Peep Week. So, that's what I am going to do!

The Best of Peep Week will begin next Monday and I will feature what I consider to be the best of all that we've done.

But I need your help too.

The best movie will be chosen by readers. That's right--it's the Peeple's Choice Award!

To make it easy, I'm listing them here so that you can watch them again before voting:

2009: JAWS

2010: Peeparazzi

2011: Bunniver's Travels

2012: Peepeii

2013: The Dance of the Peeps

2014: Peepnado

That's all of them! Now which movie will win this year's Peeple's Choice Award?

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