8 Signs You May Be in a Relationship with Your Cat

The winter months bring many surprising revelations and, lately, I have been thinking a lot about my cat and, well, these are confusing times. On more than one occasion, I've said things aloud that gave me pause and some of you might be able to relate. So, you might be in a relationship with your cat if...

1. In looking through your photo stream, there are more pictures of you with your cat than you with your partner.


2. You take an irrational pride in the fact that the cat will only cuddle with you and if the cat cuddles with someone else, you wonder if you've done something wrong and feel a little jealous.


3. You don't mind when your cat joins you in the bathroom but you'd kill your partner for doing the same.


4. You have conversations with your cat that begin in exasperation, "Why do you always..."


5. You repeatedly tell your cat how beautiful he/she is.



6. You actually say to a friend, "I think [insert cat's name here] and I may need some space."


7. As you head to bed for the night, you turn to your cat and ask, "Are you coming to bed?"


8. Your kid says, "I think the cat is a lesbian because she sure does love laying on your chest."