Full Court Christmas Press


Yesterday, the day after Halloween, I went to Target to pick up a prescription and was stunned to see a giant Santa and eight not so tiny reindeer hanging from the ceiling. I love Christmas but it seemed that while we were all sleeping off our Halloween candy binge, Target employees were switching the store from monster mash to reindeer dash. I know this is the new normal, that Christmas consumerism has been creeping up on all of us sooner and sooner each year but I was not ready. It seemed other people were, however, as there were plenty of people perusing the Christmas lights and checking prices on those blow up snowmen you can put in your yard. I briefly considered looking too but primarily because my super power seems to be showing up at Target to pick up a prescription during the one hour a day it's closed. But, getting lost in a winter wonderland would mean that they won so I crossed my arms and walked right past the Christmas section. 

But here's there thing--there was not just a single Christmas section. Christmas was everywhere. Christmas towels, an assortment of decorative Advent calendars, Christmas dishes and red and green colored storage containers. I resisted the musical snow globes playing Away in the Manger while fake snow fell on the happy ice skaters contained within. I resisted the cute Santa coffee mugs that I knew my kids would find adorable. I resisted and resisted and resisted and I thought I was safe, tucked away in the general housewares aisle when I saw rows of different sized and shaped mason jars. They were so pretty and I stopped to look at them. "What could I do with these?" I thought to myself and, as if the Target elves had anticipated my every whim, there was a display of books on making Christmas gifts in a jar. No! I would not be convinced that I could make simple gifts in mason jars or that my kids could make sweet gifts for friends and family. I've fallen for such tricks before which is why we have an entire drawer of Christmas and winter-themed beads to make Christmas ornaments.

I walked briskly away from the mason jars and found my way to the kids' clothes where I figured I would be safe. And I was for the most part. The only thing I saw there was a small rack of red and green pajamas with this picture:

xmasphotoshoporig This picture is the only Christmas thing I took home with me...because I knew I had to do this...


That should cure your Christmas spirit!