Sexually Explicit Songs Embraced by America

Today, I have a post featured on the Mom2Summit blog about surviving NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo that proves I should be a motivational speaker. To support this claim, I offer the following excerpt:

5. “Jealousy, let it go, results could be tragic. Some y’all ain’t writin’ well, too concerned with fashion.” ~ Eve, from “Let Me Blow Ya Mind: An Artist’s Manifesto on the Importance of Self-Confidence”

Comparisons kill. Not literally. Unless you’re comparing apples to oranges and swallow both whole as part of the comparison and choke to death. Otherwise, comparisons just kill your creativity. Because sitting around saying, “I’ll never write as good as so and so!” will immobilize you. And you won’t ever write like Ernest Hemingway which is not a bad thing. As Eve goes on to point out, “I do what they can’t do. I just do me.” Wisdom.

Doesn't that make you want me as your life coach?

In researching that post, I revisited Frankie Goes to Hollywood's song Relax. That song was popular when I was in high school and I vaguely remembered that it might have a slightly sexual meaning and then I read the lyrics and was like, "Oh my god! It's all about blow jobs! How did I not know that?!" I was such a naive young thing.

I then sent a message to my blogging friend Christi that read something like, "OMG RELAX IS ALL ABOUT BLOW JOBS!" and then we laughed for awhile and started talking about the movie Grease. I told her that I had no idea how sexual Greased Lightning was until I saw the movie as an adult and mentioned the lyric "...the chicks will cream..." as an example and we were unified in our cluelessness. Then, I pondered how I could have possibly missed or innocently interpreted "pussy wagon" and I swear I heard a record scratch before she replied, "WHAT?"

So, in honor of the article that lead me down the rabbit hole of sexually explicit songs that somehow were embraced by mainstream culture, let's enjoy some Greased Lightning!