My Photostream Garage Sale

Do you like garage sales? Do you like to wander past tables of items cast off by other people trying to find treasure? Let's treat today's post like a Blog Garage Sale! These are things that I ran across in my photostream that I intended to write about but never did. I offer you my lightly used macrame plant hangers and my Weebles and my electric breadmaker with the hope that maybe you'll find worth in them.  


I snapped this picture at the mall a couple of weeks ago because idioms make me laugh. Also, because Luisa is not a native English speaker, she mixes up idiomatic expressions all the time and I laugh at her because that's the way I show my love. May none of you ever feel like a little fish on the totem pole.


I was going to use this as a Throw Back Thursday post last week but didn't. There are several things about this picture that are worth noting. First of all, I am in the back of a truck and the truck is moving. I remember when this was taken and my friend and I rode in the back of the truck all the way from Kansas City to the Lake of the Ozarks. Secondly, my sweatshirt is inside out because it was the 80's and we were all weird. Three, I have a bi-level haircut which is a fancy way of saying "mullet." Lastly, I think I had that expression from the age of 16 until last week.


I saw this at Target today. Foxes are everywhere! I remember when I was the only fox around. This fox makes me sad though because it doesn't have a mouth. Do not silence the foxes!


It looks like there are two new flavors of peeps this season - Red Velvet and Hot Cocoa and Cream. Both types are dipped in white fudge. We haven't tasted them yet but I'll let you know when we do.


On Thanksgiving, as I was getting dressed, I commended Zeca on already being dressed for dinner. She was wearing jeans and t-shirt which was fine because we don't really dress up. She said, "Oh! You think this is my outfit? No way. Wait right here." She ran to her room and came back wearing the jacket from her suit. I said, "That jacket is too small." She smiled and said, "No. It needs to be small so I can push the sleeves up like this." Skinny jeans, a Sharknado t-shirt and a black blazer with the sleeves pushed up - I will never be as cool as she is.