It's November and you know what that means - it's NaBloPoMo here on ye old blogge! This is my ninth year participating and I am proud to say that I have managed 30 posts in 30 days every single November since I started blogging in 2006. I do this every year because it's good writing practice and even though every post isn't amazing, I do manage to write a few posts that I really love.

Sometimes, I write posts like this:

I opened the fridge today to get a pickle and the jar of pickles was empty but someone had put it back in the fridge. That's it. That's the whole story.

But I looked through the past five years and found a few things from NaBloPoMo that I still appreciate for various reasons:

1. The time I wrote about my mother's china (China Gets Broken)

2. The time Luisa guest posted on my blog (Filling In)

3. The first time I blogged about washing Momo (Fresh as a Kitten's Ass)

4. The time I wrote about water skiing and how parenting can bring life full circle (Jumping the Wake)

5. The time I wrote about my kids making pancakes (Letting Go Smells Like Pancakes)

So, I will be blogging every day again this year and I've been making a list of ideas for the past couple of weeks and it's going to be totes ridic in a good way. Actually, I can't promise that - I just wanted to say "totes ridic" because I like to work crazy things into conversations for sport.

But wait - there's more! With your purchase of a large Up Popped A Fox NaBloPoMo, you also get a free Vikki Reich NaNoWriMo! That's right - 50,000 words in 30 days! For one low price of Free 99, you get 30 blog posts and a poorly written novel that you'll likely never see! This is the best, craziest idea ever!

Why am I doing NaNoWriMo? I have been thinking about trying fiction writing but I have a tendency to only write things that I can use because I hate to waste my words. I thought NaNoWriMo might be a good way for me to be more playful in my writing and to let go of old patterns of thinking. So, I'm doing it. Will I succeed? I have no idea. I can tell you this...we are halfway through Day 1 and I have written 0 words on my novel so things are off to a great start.

Happy NaCrazyIdeaMo to all of you! Are you ready to cheer on the crazy writers in your life? Are you a crazy writer that needs encouragement? Let's do this!