Finding Beauty in Gray

IMG_2393It warmed up a little bit today and, as is often the case in Minnesota, we paid for warmer temperatures with gray skies. The morning was foggy and everything seemed surreal and I wanted to wander through it but instead appreciated it from within the dry and cozy confines of my home. I did step outside for a moment to capture this picture of the tree in our neighbors' back yard because even though the day was dreary and the tree was bare, I was still drawn to it. I spent half the day writing, putting words on the page while listening to music, which was perfect. The gray skies fit the mood of what I was writing and before I knew it I had written roughly 4500 words. There is beauty in that too because words don't always come so easily.

I believe this is my 21st winter in Minnesota and, honestly, they are getting more difficult to endure for reasons I don't quite understand. Maybe as I get older, I just want to be able to leave my house without a lot of hassle.

It's looking like this winter is going to be a long winter and I am going to have to find ways to find the good in that. I'm going to need to stock up on hot chocolate and stuff for cookies and make sure that my warmest wool socks are in good repair. I hope I can focus on skis on a crisp white trail and time spent with friends next to a fire. The world will be in grayscale for months but pictures like the one I took today make me think that I just might be able to find the beauty in that too.