The Worst and Least Bad Sins According to My Teen

As I wandered around the living room this morning, I noticed Miguel's giant school binder laying open on the radiator. There was a sheet of paper covered in bubbles and I took a closer look to see what he was writing about and found this: IMG_2315

It appeared to be an outline regarding sin. Upon noticing "pride/vanity" and "lust," I concluded that it must be for an essay on the seven deadly sins but, given that there were only two sins listed, I interviewed the author.

Me: I saw your outline about sin.

Miguel: What? I don't have an outline about sin.

Me (pointing to his open binder): Right there.

Miguel: Oh yeah. I have to write an essay about the seven deadly sins.

So, what should I be most concerned about:

1. The fact that he didn't remember making the outline?

2. The fact that the outline lacks detail and is poorly concieved?

3. Or the fact that the my 13 year old son thinks lust is the "least bad sin" because "human beings want things?"