The Creative Process

Popcorn03It is November 26th which means that this is my 26th post on this blog in as many days. I have also written a couple of other places this month which means that I've written 247 blog posts this month. That's an estimate because I'm not big on math.

What this means is that I've used most of the ideas in my "blog ideas" file and some of the remaining notes in there don't even make sense. I'm talking about you, "weird androgynous princess" note.

It would be fantastic if I could go out with a bang but today is not going to be a day of greatness. As evidence, I will reveal the ideas that occurred to me for today's post:

"I should write a post about picking a good pair of underwear for Thanksgiving! You want good underwear for that because you don't want something that binds or gets stuck in your butt or pulls in weird places."

"I should write about the fact that Luisa is walking around the house wearing a stocking cap full of frozen peas on her head. That's funny stuff." (Luisa fell on the ice this morning and hit her head but appears to be fine except for the fact that she keeps calling me Karen. I kid, I kid. About the Karen part, not the "she's ok" part.)

"I could write a gratitude list and every item on the list would be 'hot showers.'"

"I KNOW! I should write about the fact that the cat has thrown up six times today. Seven if you count that one that we can't find that we hope was just dry heaving."

"I could write about the squirrel outside the window. What would I say about it though? It's brown and hops around a lot. Yeah, I don't really know what more to say about that."

"I should write about sleepwalking. I've never written about that. I'll put that in the idea file for later this week with a note that says 'silverware' just to keep things interesting and make it a memory exercise."

"Wow. The cardinals are really fat. The birds, not the Catholics because I don't really know much about those."

"Maybe I can just post a picture and a caption. But I haven't taken any pictures today because I haven't left the house and nothing is happening in the house."

"You know the thing about bread..."

"I think I'll quit NaBloPoMo and just make popcorn. Oh! I could write about popcorn. What could I say about it? is corn that pops...that idea needs some work."

As you can see, my creative process is intense...and now I'm going to go make popcorn.

Actually, Luisa just came to tell me she's ordering pizza. I guess I'll put the popcorn idea back in the idea file with the title "a-maize me!" That will be fun to decipher in six months.