Bunch of bananasYou want to know what happens when you do NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo and write close to 50,000 words in just over two weeks? You become tired and simple and then one day, you find yourself lying in bed thinking, "You know what's good? Bananas. Bananas are perfect. I need to be more appreciative of bananas. Maybe I should start a banana fan club. Banana fans! That's so funny! I'm the funniest person in the world. You know what else is funny? The word 'chuckle.' People should use that word more and also they should chuckle more. Chuckling is a lost art. Oh my god...something is moving in the bed...oh wait it's my foot. Hello Mr. Foot. What are you doing down there? Do you like bananas? Did I make you chuckle?" The other problem I'm having is that my new rejuvenating eye cream cannot keep pace with the bags under my eyes. Sleep-deprivation and Eye Strain: The Untold Price Paid by Writers. That's going to be the journal article I write in my head when I'm not thinking about chuckling.

One of the ways to survive the NaWhatevers is to feature pieces you've written other places on your blog. We call this "cross-purposing" content or "covering one's blogging ass."

I actually wrote the following piece yesterday which will likely be obvious since it makes sense and does not reference banana fans. It's about my issue with the "gay gene" and it's featured on VillageQ today. Here is an excerpt:

I believe the issue is more complicated than the twists in our DNA and that we’ll eventually find that there are those who have a biological predisposition and those who do not.

Yes, I believe that–for some people–sexual orientation is a result of life experiences and environment.

Yes, I am saying that I believe it is a choice for some, maybe even for me.

So, head on over there to read the whole thing and join the discussion. Meanwhile, I'm going to drink awful tea and try to write 1,000 words on my novel.